07 décembre 2005



Ever wondered why the ancient Egyptians mummified their animals or what's under all those layers they are wrapped in? Find out now by visiting our Animal Mummies of Ancient Egypt exhibition.

A unique range of animal mummies are on display for the first time in the UK, including cats, a baboon, a crocodile and birds of prey. The exhibition explores why animal mummification was practised in ancient Egypt and also explores natural mummification - where the body dries before it decomposes. There are spectacular examples including a cat buried under the grounds of the Duke of Bedford's house shown at the bottom of this page.


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A mummy

Peer inside a mummy with the help of X-rays, and find the fake one. Discover how, by studying animal mummies, scientists and archaeologists have been able to learn more about the importance of animals in ancient Egyptian society.


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